Guest Post: His-Story Vs. Her-Story

untitled3Is our view of history one-sided?

Of course.

Not only do the winners write the history, but for thousands of years were written by men.

For example, Victorian archeologists were so repulsed by goddess and fertility images, that they were boxed away in museum storage units. The majority of figurines uncovered in archeological history, so far, have been female.

Zeus was Gaia’s grandson, yet he overcame the Titans and proclaimed himself king of the gods. However, Hecate – a Titan and goddess – was honored and kept her titles and power. Even Demeter, whose daughter Persephone was abducted by Hades, convinced Zeus to reverse his approval of the kidnapping.

untitledMany historians believe religion shifted from primary goddess-worship, to a supreme god ruling with goddesses worshiped alongside the males, and finally to a complete patriarchal system of one god-male.

Some might believe this is far-fetched. However, modern day cannot be used to decipher ancient times when science was unheard of – and everything was magic. No one knew how or why women got pregnant and gave birth. They didn’t know about ovulation or fertile days, so how did they explain how coupling didn’t always produce offspring? Women were thought of as powerful and magical.

The myths and stories emerged of gods like Apollo defeating the Python – a serpent or earth-dragon of Delphi and servant of the goddess Gaia. Once Apollo killed the snake, he dedicated the Oracle and Temple of Delphi under his name.  untitled2

Even the Garden of Eden in the Bible has several goddess symbols. The serpent/snake had long been an emblem of the goddess. Asherah was thought to be connected to the Tree of Life. Raphael Patai, in his study of this Hebrew goddess, has calculated that “the statue of Asherah was present in the temple for no less than 236 years, two-thirds of the time the Solomonic temple stood in Jerusalem.” This worship, he asserts, was part of the legitimate religion approved and led by the king, the court, and the priesthood”.(Patai.1990: 38) So is it possible that the Garden of Eden story was created to put down not only the goddess and goddess worship, but her priestesses and women?

El Shaddai, one of the Hebrew words for god, translates literally as ‘many-breasted one’ or ‘double-breasted one.’  Wisdom is personified as feminine in the Bible as well.untitled1

When I discovered all of this history, I wondered if the accounts of the Bible, of people worshiping the goddess and refusing to bow to one male god – were not the minority as the stories would have us believe – but the primary religion of that time?

St. Peter’s Basillica demolished pagan and goddess alters to build on their sacred grounds. Many churches were built on top of or incorporated pagan temples.

Archeology and even the Bible, hint at a time when women were revered and the goddess was worshiped.

How different would the world be if the majority of the population worshiped a loving, nurturing, protective goddess?


Nadja Weilert – When God was a Girl – BBC Documentary
When God was a Woman by Merlin Stone

KarinArya Karin strives to write resilient women—or women who break away from abusive relationships or circumstances to find their inner strength and love. She celebrates the goddess in all women and encourages others to embrace love rather than violence.

During summers, Arya used to sneak into her mom’s stash of romance novels and read them. As an adult, she found erotic and erotica novels not only sexually freeing, but engaging. Writing erotica and erotic romance as Arya Karin liberates her to explore characters and stories to their fullest passion.


New Ardent Books author Arya Karin brings something for the readers with a guest post.  Arya was one of the entries in our Scorching Stories contest whose book I read and had to have as a solid followup to Blue Remy’s first Ardent Books release.

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Digging Deeper into Historical Erotica

In a recent blog post, we’d explored the idea that Ardent Books welcomes historical erotica. We had some ideas floating around at the time when we’d mentioned it would be fascinating to see some sexy time period stories.  We stand by that, but want to put out ideas we’d love to see authors play with.Whore

The standard Victorian or Regency stories are welcomed, but we’d prefer you mix it up for a really unique story.  Does the normal Duke not do it for you?  Great, but what about someone of less stature?  Perhaps an evil plot to usurp the Duke and take his power, his riches and his women may strike your fancy as well as ours.

If you’ve been following this blog or my regular posts on Facebook, you know I’m an avid Boardwalk Empire junkie.  The time period fascinates me as both a student of humanity and an author because it’s so rich still, yet in the most simplest way.  Life wasn’t as long back then and to many, was more precious.  Modern technology and medicine as thought of today, did not exist.  Hell, one could still smoke cigarettes inside the hospitals at the time!  The implications of sex were often the result of one night stands and man’s thinning moral code.Boardwalk-Empire-Images

Or were they?

Plus, there’s a seven year gap between seasons for those who kept up and what happened?  You tell us in your novels!  Don’t give us Boardwalk Empire fan fiction, that would not be publishable.

History is full of examples of clothing used as codes for sexual indicators, right down to the service performed based on the color of a woman’s shoe.  How did that come about, and when?  What is the delicious piece of historical sexual fiction and when can we get it on our desk?

petticoatWe have a fabulous motorcycle club story on our desk by author Blue Remy, but what about Western gangs?  Or the secret societies during the Revolutionary War?  Do you have a thing for Beowulf? How primitive was man’s sexual encounters in the Dark Ages?

Because this is erotica, we don’t require the Happily Ever After that romance does, or even a Happily For Now.  But we want a strong story, dramatic  plot, scorching sexual tension carried throughout the story.  We would love to reach for our toys after reading your vintage erotica novel.  While reading it, would be even better!

We’ll discuss in another post the mixing of genres, but if an idea should surface in some sort of Ghost in the Shell meets Gone with the Wind, we would love to see it!

We do require some historical accuracy but fiction lends itself to a certain amount of leeway with fact manipulation.

Remember to adhere to our guidelines of nothing shorter than 50,000 words, among our other requirements that can be found here.

Tell us, what stories of the past will you excite us with?

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The Winner is…Scorching Stories Contest Announcement!

Yes, there was a winner along with a number of authors who signed with us while we passionate-lovedebated long  and  hard (see what I  did there with innuendo) about who would take home the prizes along with a publishing contract from Ardent Books.  It was a tough choice as there were many submissions that came through. Much like a previous post where I elaborated on the stories that will stand out from the slush pile, I’m going to reiterate a few key points along with some newer ones.

Initially mentioned in the referenced post above, good grammar was the first key to us looking through stories.  If an author has a story but cannot get the words on paper or in a word document using proper grammar, we cannot be bothered to read it.  Adhere to our guidelines when we ask for a clean, well written story.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it needs to resemble your highest quality of writing.  I, or one of my editors will handle the finer details once we acquire your manuscript.

I briefly talk about being a fervent reader in this genre, but our authors also tend to read outside erotica in order to make their own writing more well rounded.  It’s not necessary to stray too far out of the ballpark if you’re not inclined, but variety is the spice of life.  While I’ve written BDSM and menage erotica for much of my career, I have a romantic suspense in the works.  My release at Ardent is pure erotic romance, towing the line completely with an HEA.

golden keyWhile I opined that writers vary their reading stimulation, they should also divagate from their normal viewing pleasures.  Yes, ideas come from everywhere, and as you can see on our Sizzling Authors Facebook group Ardent Books created, our questions run the gamut from mundane to totally out there.  Authors answers deviate from the norm and everyone provides input from their different backgrounds.  Their writing reflects this and excites us!

Something that’s a little more difficult to define on paper because it’s not concrete, is the passion displayed by the authors when they submitted to us. Eager to win, hopeful for a contract, they showed a dedication and passion to their craft and a strong belief in their stories.  That’s important because if the author can get excited about their story, it makes it that much easier for us to do the same.  This is important when it comes time to market, simply because sometimes the process may take more time than either of us wish for, but that strong enthusiasm for their stories keeps us both going.

Our winner had all of these things in common with the other authors we contracted, but her story stood out as having not just great marketing potential, but a solid start to a series with a unique voice in erotica and romance.  Not only did she have passion behind her marketing plan and story, but she had an openness that is hard to match, to us helping her career grow through the Assent Academy.

Many authors forget that it’s not just a book they’re selling to a publishing house, but a Twisted Asphalt Bikebrand.  Author S. Blue Remy realized this from the day we first talked about her story and continued to show her enthusiasm while beating a deadline she initially told me she couldn’t make.  Her novel Twisted Asphalt  is one we are highly anticipating as a huge release in early 2015 and has us excited to announce her as the winner of the First Annual Scorching Stories contest from Ardent Books!  Congratulations to Blue Remy!  We know your’e going to make us very proud while your career helps you soar!

We hope to bring this to authors again next year, leaving us with only one question:  How will you bring the erotic to us?

We are currently accepting submissions  for Ardent Books  See our submission guidelines here

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Tackling Vintage Erotica!

Vintage Erotica, or historical erotica, has a place at Ardent Books.  We’ve been fans of the

chateauerotic and by no means want to ignore any of our readers or authors.  Originally an afterthought of a subgenre of erotica, historical erotica elicits ideals of forgotten eras where sex is implied, rather than shown blatantly.  A quick search online reveals a number of sites with images that modern society would not classify as pornographic, but rather, racy.  Yet our former society model would relish in private what they condone in public.

It  sounds a little like modern society, doesn’t it?

We at Ardent Books welcome the idea of historical erotica.  The old standards can be made hotter with the proper language.  No need for purple prose when we have a huge vocabulary to describe not just the organs but the acts in great detail.

petticoatThere is an understanding that your fancy Chateau will have carnal secrets, we revel in those!  But weave them together in a plot that stirs our minds, not just our petticoats.  Take us to a time when gentlemen settled differences with guns and fists, not expensive lawyers, unless the pricey council is the subject of a deliciously scandalous affair with the chambermaid!

Don’t forget history contains more periods worth mentioning than just the Victorians. Writers talk about the Ancient Greeks but who many Greek historical erotica stories are as well known?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if one of your titles was such a book?

If we explore our roots, what will we come up with?  Do you have Viking ancestry?  Perhaps your people come from a time when Persia was a reigning power.  Ramp up the steam all around while you titillate us with torrid tales of treacherous pirates, tormented souls, and damsels in the throes of passion.

Let your characters fascinate us with their unique interpretation of carnal knowledge.  While we do check for historical accuracy, remember the potential of cross marketing and subgenre writing!  Steampunk, Diesel punk, and gas light fiction are all genres we’d wish to read.  We want to see the historical setting play a part in the stories so drop in an exciting background!  Of particular interest to this editor would be WWII erotica, 1950s, and prohibition era stories of bootlegging and mobsters.  But all stories will be strongly considered.

One of the issues of marketing historical fiction is the limited opportunities presented by vintage eroticatraditional genre marketing as historical romance and erotica only. The genre has plenty of room for marketing to a larger audience, courtesy of your unique hooks.  Don’t be afraid to break new ground in this or any endeavor.  Erotica as a genre is meant to push boundaries.  We’d like to see it tackle new territory in the varied world of the past.

We’d love to see your stories!  Ardent Books is currently accepting submissions by established and novice authors for our line.  See our call for submissions here!

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Outstanding Erotica Stories Stand Out

We saw a lot of fantastic entries in the Ardent Books Scorching Stories contest that ended back in July and I have to hand it to the courageous authors who submitted.  It takes a certain level of bravery to craft a story and send it off to a pair of eyes that will judge the caliber of your writing. Justice

That’s what editors do, you know.  Even I, the suave editor for a very sexy line of stories at Assent Publishing must judge the writing. Much of what came across my desk shared certain characteristics which lead us to offer a contract even though the contest results haven’t been announced yet.

By the way, we’re looking at mid-October to announce our winners.

The first thing the stories we offered contracts to had in common was that they were well written.  Proper prose is allowed the occasional mistake as authors scramble to meet a deadline, and leeway is often given by editors because of this notion.  But the stories we have so far accepted all came to us nearly polished if not perfectly polished to the point that editing them would be as easy as pie.  Already a powerful start as this shows any editor that the author values their work enough to turn in only the best material they can craft.  That meant no overly exhaustive passive voice, no first person stories lacking total description.  The stories we contract maintain their original voices as we seek a higher quality product from our authors to begin with.

reading is sexyThe authors shared the common goal of being fervent readers of erotica.  This, too, is an important factor in writing as it helps the writer see current style while they develop their own.  Oftentimes, beginning erotica writers try to write for the adult markets like Penthouse, but are aiming more for the sophistication of Playboy.  There’s finesse in writing erotica while not coming across as someone with the abilities of a middle school writer.

The stories we chose to contract also had great characterization and plot twists.  Yes, this is important.  If an author sends a typical plot in erotica, it needs to be spectacular in how the hooks drive the story towards a climax.  Yes, a man and a woman can hook up at a hotel chandeliers-1890x1805-schonbek-new-orleans-24-light-chandelier-in-ceiling-lights-moyuc.comand have wild, chandelier-swinging, Bill O’Reilly-style sex but the entire story cannot be about that single encounter or series of encounters without a reason we (and readers) wouldn’t expect. While the plot of any erotica story is simple, the reasons to keep the characters apart is more important because that drives the story and gives us a reason to care about the characters.  It deepens our connection so when we get to the good parts and reach for our toys, our release is that much sweeter.

Something that caught my attention with all of the stories we contracted was not just the professionalism the authors displayed with their writing, but diverse themes outside of the traditional. I have a steampunk story I’m really excited to read because the author knows her material very well and has grown into an example of a fine writer.  Another mythology story possessed a unique twist I had to inquire about because I have a Hungarian background. Yet another author put a spin on the Arabian myths with some BDSM and kink.

These elements are important in fiction as a general rule, but more so in erotica, where we are often scrutinized for writing the material we do.  Our writing has to be extra tight, our plots superiorly crafted and we needn’t shy away from complexity.  Yes, we are bringing the sexy!  What will your outstanding submission look like?

We’d love to see your stories!  Ardent Books is currently accepting submissions by established and novice authors for our line.  See our call for submissions here!

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Spicing Up Fantasy Fiction

So often when we see the words erotica and fantasy together, we think of the sordid, the Male Elfkinky or dirty.  What if we did have those elements in our novels, but our focus was more on the fantastic, the creative?

What if the exploration of sexuality occurred in a land of magic and mayhem?  Mystics and myth help create fantasy erotica that not only arouses us but pulls us into a different head space by transporting us away from reality.  Maybe your fetish for elves needs to be brought to light so those elves can tell their wondrous tale.  Or are you more of a dragon keeper?

We love nothing more than seeing the world you’ve crafted come to life in all its vibrancy.  What myths are you working from, or are you creating your own mythology? Is there a quest your characters must go on?  Remember to keep the sexual tension charged and relevant to the plot.

Mirrored WorldHow will you start?  Will you use an already established world and give it your own twist?  Create your own logical universe or forgotten realm? What will that look like?  Show us in detail so our mental movies can begin from page one of your novel!  Bring us into your story quickly with great characterization and enticing dialogue.  Shake off the stilted language of traditional high fantasy and write from a modern tone if your world allows it!  Will you make up your own language and customs for courting and sexuality?  Remember, this is more than just taking an existing faery tale and adding sex to it.  This is deeper because our plots demand a solid story with well-developed characters.

CastleErotica is all about character, but that doesn’t mean leave out the details.  In our last blog post, we talked about all five taste buds along with other senses.  Remember to engage all the senses.  Your reader base will vary in how they get turned on, so you should strive to capture the myriad of ways to entice their senses.  We want to feel the cold stone walls of your castles, the fire from your heated magic, and watch a twisted tale unfold with your supernatural characters.

Elements of typical fantasy fiction are expected but we want your unique voice. The only way we’ll find the next J. R. R. Tolkien is with your indistinguishable voice.  Grow your vocabulary and stretch those literary muscles.  Fill your head with plenty of material, then let your imagination run wild!

Don’t forget to pepper your novel with unique hooks designed to capture a larger audience.wizard  The point of fantasy erotica is to arouse.  Maybe you’ve created a new form of sexual excitement based off spell work, perhaps an herb that entices based on real life aphrodisiacs.

What gets your motor running about the fantasy erotica genre?

We love all levels of fantasy erotica from light-hearted romps between two or more characters, all the way up to dark fantasy. Our call for submissions can be found here. We’re open to other subgenres and will be talking about them over time.  These are just a few of the hot buttons we’d love to see. Send submissions to


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How do You Show Us the Seductive Sizzle?

I’m drinking a glass of port as I write this, because Ardent Books gets to be dPortifferent and I taste the myriad of flavors from this liquid, amazed that a winemaker can pull so much character from a few key ingredients.  It reminds me of writers, how we craft worlds and characters and scenarios that create a mental movie in the heads of our readers.  For mainstream fiction, this is a tedious chore that authors labor over for hours at a time day in and day out.  For erotica authors, our job is a little tougher.

Remember our guidelines say not just to engage our groins and physical responses, but to also arouse our minds.  Like the winemaker and his port, you have limited ingredients.  The key one being your words.  But unlike the winemaker, who is limited to terrain, forced to go with the weather and has to compensate, else he not have a vintage that year, the writer has merely the tools of their vast imagination which can overcome all obstacles, given time.

So what arouses us?  Well, start with your libido.  Examine it, dig around in your vast imagination and tell us with your words what gets your motor revving and puts you in the mood for unadulterated passion.  On the palate alone, we have six distinct things we can eel-sushi-8267ectastes.  Salty, sweet, sour, bitter and umami.  While we like the former four, the last one is a complex; hard to define Umami is the one taste that contains layer after layer of new discovery as the food slides across your tongue.  We want stories that showcase this property because Ardent Authors are a cut above the edge.

Sex isn’t limited to just taste though, there are four other senses to engage.  While we’re creating a mental movie with our novels, we want to go the extra mile and bring our readers a unique experience that brings them into the picture so they feel everything our authors put on the paper.  Erotica is an infinite number of things to people and we want to stretch our authors to hit as much of that with just the right punch of words.

Describe the scenery in detail, but not too much. Erotica novels are defined by their plot, which is to get the characters in bed together for a climax.  Are you setting the perfect picture in your world?  Do the elements of your story evoke images that stir passion?  We want that!

Auditory senses are a part of sex.  Ever enjoy naughty talk with a lover? We do too!  While the books won’t talk to you, the words will. Your readers are going to hear dialogue that inspires dirty deeds in that mental movie, and the dialogue should match the characters and setting.  Do your characters use crass words to ask for what they want or are they imploring sweetly? We can do both if done well.  Are they begging for it?  Is your dialogue sexy and inspiring?

81oe7uwHJbL._SL1500_We’re not ignoring the physical here, it’s just the most obvious. The act of sex itself is physical but if you add a partner or a toy in your story, it deepens the actions.  Think of the impact a spanking adds to your story.  The sound of the swat, be it from a flogger or hand against naked flesh, and what that effect may have on your readers.  Perhaps you’re into bondage and the feel of silk robe binding your characters makes for an interesting predicament.  Or if you’re particularly naughty, you have conductive rope, and a TENS unit.  Go ahead, be wicked, just write it well!

We think that arming our authors with a little more knowledge helps them craft creative erotica escapades leaving us with one question.  How will you show us your seductive sizzle?

Don’t forget our SCORCHING STORIES contest!   We are accepting submissions for our SCORCHING STORIES contest until July 15th so let the juices flow on paper along with other places.  For details click here

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Do You Have the Appetite?

Unlike the Sunsetother editors at Assent Publishing, I get to run shop differently.  My day starts in the early afternoon over rooibos tea and breakfast while I look at manuscripts and answer email.  I’m in bed around three A.M. after a long day of handling editor/author responsibilities.  What keeps me coming back to the madness of publishing erotica?  A ravenous appetite for the sensual, the sexy, and the uniquely erotic continues to inspire me to wake up each afternoon and delve into the exciting minds of the authors who follow our submission guidelines.  I get a thrill watching my authors go through the Academy and realize the power of the erotic word lies not just in the sexy bits, but in everything else—which is why I acquired their manuscripts in the first place.

Erotica is no different than any other genre.  We can explore our carnal hunger.  We’re allowed to go deeper into our own psyche, dig down into what turns us on and gets our cranks moving.  It’s something that stirs our inner beasts, making them hungry and putting them on the prowl to seek out that connection.  Sure, sweaty bodies are a part of that equation, but the chase is why so many of us write erotica. Sex is an experience dealing with more than just the ins and outs of two parts from different humans.  It’s about moving together, the synergy when a character realizes that special connection with their partner(s) and takes the leap of faith to put trust into the universe.

Erotica is ultimately about trust.  Creating that trust in your stories becomes important for the editor to see believability that your characters would in fact hook up.  I love it when the author puts their characters through the paces to make them earn that trust because it often inspires me to think differently about situations I’ve encountered.

handcuffsA key component is that the author is aroused by their stories.  That arousal shows in enthusiasm when they complete the marketing plan we require.  It shows in their synopsis and pitch.  Because writing is subjective on so many levels, and erotica more so, we understand that coming up with the elements to sell the book aren’t an exact science but there is a unique formula to arousal for every author and every story.  We’re merely asking authors to jump in with both feet, get their hands and fingers dirty, and revel in the pleasures of the flesh.

In short, we want to know if you have the same appetite we do for erotica!

51xBm7vKMGL._SY445_I’d throw down the gauntlet (er, sexy gloves)  for a challenge but I have a better idea.  Ardent Books is proud to present our very first SCORCHING STORIES contest.  We’re looking for authors of erotica to mix it up, tempt us, tease us and bring about a satisfying climax with their novels.

Assent Publishing’s Ardent Books is accepting submissions.  Show us your ravenous appetite. We are accepting submissions for our SCORCHING STORIES contest until July 15th so let the juices flow on paper along with other places.


  • SCORCHING STORIES contest submissions accepted from June 1, 2014 through midnight (U.S. Eastern Time), July  15, 2014
  • All subgenres of erotica accepted including cyberpunk, steam punk, historical, romantic, bdsm, ménage, contemporary, and anything in between.
  • Manuscript must be complete
  • Word counts accepted: full length (50,000 to 100,000 words)
  • You must note “2014 SCORCHING STORIES Contest” and book title in subject line of your submission email
  • One SCORCHING STORIES contest submission per author
  • Follow ALL Ardent  Books submission guidelines
  • All submissions will be judged by Ardent Books imprint editors and acquisitions editors

SCORCHING STORIES Grand Prize Winner will receive:

  • Assent Publishing contract including all benefits offered through Assent Publishing: professional editing, professional cover design, print and ebook formatting, distribution, intense marketing training through the Assent Academy, and the unparalleled Assent Publishing commitment to author success
  • A SCORCHING STORIES GRAND PRIZE WINNER promotional announcement blitz ($500 value)
  • 50 FREE print copies of their book
  • 10 two hour sessions of one-on-one author marketing coaching with Author Success Coach and dean of the Assent Academy, Deborah Riley-Magnus ($2,000 value)
  • $100 toward membership in a writers organization or guild of the winner’s choice
  • A Kindle Fire

SCORCHING STORIES Top 2 Finalists will receive:

  • Assent Publishing contract including all benefits offered through Assent Publishing: professional editing, professional cover design, print and ebook formatting, distribution, intense marketing training through the Assent Academy, and the unparalleled Assent Publishing commitment to author success
  • SCORCHING STORIES WINNER promotional announcements for the author and their book ($100 value)

Contest submissions can be cyberpunk, steam punk, historical, romantic, bdsm, ménage, contemporary, and anything in between. Ardent Books is currently accepting erotica submissions in addition to contest entries. Send your submissions and “SCORCHING STORIES” contest entries to Good luck! Scorch us with your story! Please visit us at


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Erotic Subgenres: A Playground for the Mind

Ardent Books is pleased to present the finest in quality erotica.  We love how free our writers imaginations are to visit the multitude of subgenres encompassing erotica.  It excites us when authors blend different elements of the various subgenres into their erotica, thus creating a vivid mental movie for readers.  As imprint editor for Ardent Books, this seems like a good time to explore more of what we’d like to see.

Dark Erotica – Push our boundaries with sexual tension and fear.  Explore the sensuality Batmanbehind the paranormal, the kinky. Give us a squick factor turned sexy without being creepy unless it relates to the plot. Remember, erotica focuses on the sexual activities between the characters.  Adhere to our guidelines, but don’t fear the darkness sexuality can bring.  Give us gritty, witty, and lascivious stories.  If the video for the Nine Inch Nails song Closer turned you on, that’s the vibe we want.

Contemporary Erotica – Stories set in modern times with current sexuality are still hot!  Give us couples, ménages, but keep them in the present.  Does the current world climate inspire a need for fornication?  Does your plot make that difficult but doable, or will your characters overcome their challenges?  Can your characters reach a satisfactory climax in the heat of all that’s wrong with today’s world? Tell us!

RopeBDSM Erotica – We all know what opened the door to this craze, and Ardent Books is no stranger to the realities of kink.  Show us something unique involving D/s, bondage, Shibari, PEP and more. If it tickles your fancy beyond missionary, then it excites us as well!  How do you define your D/s relationship?  Does it involve the sensual struggle of pain vs. pleasure? Or perhaps you’re playing a game of Who’s Your Daddy?  Are you exploring the psychological roles of power exchange?  No stereotypes, please.

Ménage Erotica – Yes I mentioned threesomes earlier, but that guideline applies to all of our favorite subgenres.  If you have a threesome in any combination, show us!  The more three wolvesthe merrier, we say.  As long as it’s well written and steamy, we’re interested in sexual relations defined as having three people in a single relationship.  Do your characters struggle with their sexuality and need help exploring their deeper desires?  Show us!

Humorous Erotica – With the intensity of the above subgenres, we need to stick with a balance, and what’s sexier than laughter?  Think of the times lovers shared that led to laughter during orgasm.  Tell us a wicked tale and make us laugh to relieve some of our sexual tension.  Or increase the sensual tension with a delightful cacophony. Either way, let’s keep sex light and fun here.

alternate universeAlternate Historical Erotica – Here we’re looking for a mix of classical periods before 1945, but sensuality that strikes a balance between the harsh reality of the time and the fantasy game What If.  We’d particularly love to see Prohibition Era stories of lust, but any alternate period suits us fine as long as it gets your mojo revved.  While creative licensing is encourage, accuracy is preferred.

As specified by our call for submissions found here, we’re open to other subgenres and will be talking about them over time, but these are just a few of the hot buttons we’d love to see. Send submissions to

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Arouse Me

Hi, and welcome to Ardent Books, the erotic imprint of Assent Publishing. I’d Free Mind Girl 2like it very much if you arouse me.  Tell me a sexy story. Engage my mind, body and soul.

Erotica has found its place in mainstream publication, and why not?  At our core, human beings possess sexuality, sensuality, and a desire for a deeper connection to those things.  The written word is my weapon of choice in the game of seduction.  The standard cliché is that the mind is the largest sex organ, and nothing could be closer to the truth!  Erotica sales count for a large portion of revenue in publishing because readers—myself included—love the imagination behind seductive stories.  I want to be taken on a thrill ride that ends in glorious satisfaction for everyone involved.

LettersArouse me using only the finest choice words, crafted from personal care for my enjoyment and the pleasure of our readers.  Deliver stories set in exotic lands with unusual sexual customs. Bring me the unique, select experience designed to stimulate not just my body, but my mind.  Hell, even arouse my heart if you’re so inclined, because pure lust is one thing, but heightening it with a little romance only adds to the experience.

Erotica has long been considered dirty and we’re not afraid of well-written smut, but we do not want the typical wham, bam, thank you mam novel.   The tired and overused scenarios bore us and fail to stimulate even the faintest of senses, so please us with your crafty words and vivid imagination. Imagination

Assent Publishing’s Ardent Books Imprint is currently accepting erotica submissions.  Send your submissions to  Much like the editor at our Breathless Books Imprint, I too have tissues, chocolate and red wine.  Though, I may have oysters too. I’m ready to read the hottest in erotica.

Check out Ardent Books at today.

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