Arouse Me

Hi, and welcome to Ardent Books, the erotic imprint of Assent Publishing. I’d Free Mind Girl 2like it very much if you arouse me.  Tell me a sexy story. Engage my mind, body and soul.

Erotica has found its place in mainstream publication, and why not?  At our core, human beings possess sexuality, sensuality, and a desire for a deeper connection to those things.  The written word is my weapon of choice in the game of seduction.  The standard cliché is that the mind is the largest sex organ, and nothing could be closer to the truth!  Erotica sales count for a large portion of revenue in publishing because readers—myself included—love the imagination behind seductive stories.  I want to be taken on a thrill ride that ends in glorious satisfaction for everyone involved.

LettersArouse me using only the finest choice words, crafted from personal care for my enjoyment and the pleasure of our readers.  Deliver stories set in exotic lands with unusual sexual customs. Bring me the unique, select experience designed to stimulate not just my body, but my mind.  Hell, even arouse my heart if you’re so inclined, because pure lust is one thing, but heightening it with a little romance only adds to the experience.

Erotica has long been considered dirty and we’re not afraid of well-written smut, but we do not want the typical wham, bam, thank you mam novel.   The tired and overused scenarios bore us and fail to stimulate even the faintest of senses, so please us with your crafty words and vivid imagination. Imagination

Assent Publishing’s Ardent Books Imprint is currently accepting erotica submissions.  Send your submissions to  Much like the editor at our Breathless Books Imprint, I too have tissues, chocolate and red wine.  Though, I may have oysters too. I’m ready to read the hottest in erotica.

Check out Ardent Books at today.

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