Erotic Subgenres: A Playground for the Mind

Ardent Books is pleased to present the finest in quality erotica.  We love how free our writers imaginations are to visit the multitude of subgenres encompassing erotica.  It excites us when authors blend different elements of the various subgenres into their erotica, thus creating a vivid mental movie for readers.  As imprint editor for Ardent Books, this seems like a good time to explore more of what we’d like to see.

Dark Erotica – Push our boundaries with sexual tension and fear.  Explore the sensuality Batmanbehind the paranormal, the kinky. Give us a squick factor turned sexy without being creepy unless it relates to the plot. Remember, erotica focuses on the sexual activities between the characters.  Adhere to our guidelines, but don’t fear the darkness sexuality can bring.  Give us gritty, witty, and lascivious stories.  If the video for the Nine Inch Nails song Closer turned you on, that’s the vibe we want.

Contemporary Erotica – Stories set in modern times with current sexuality are still hot!  Give us couples, ménages, but keep them in the present.  Does the current world climate inspire a need for fornication?  Does your plot make that difficult but doable, or will your characters overcome their challenges?  Can your characters reach a satisfactory climax in the heat of all that’s wrong with today’s world? Tell us!

RopeBDSM Erotica – We all know what opened the door to this craze, and Ardent Books is no stranger to the realities of kink.  Show us something unique involving D/s, bondage, Shibari, PEP and more. If it tickles your fancy beyond missionary, then it excites us as well!  How do you define your D/s relationship?  Does it involve the sensual struggle of pain vs. pleasure? Or perhaps you’re playing a game of Who’s Your Daddy?  Are you exploring the psychological roles of power exchange?  No stereotypes, please.

Ménage Erotica – Yes I mentioned threesomes earlier, but that guideline applies to all of our favorite subgenres.  If you have a threesome in any combination, show us!  The more three wolvesthe merrier, we say.  As long as it’s well written and steamy, we’re interested in sexual relations defined as having three people in a single relationship.  Do your characters struggle with their sexuality and need help exploring their deeper desires?  Show us!

Humorous Erotica – With the intensity of the above subgenres, we need to stick with a balance, and what’s sexier than laughter?  Think of the times lovers shared that led to laughter during orgasm.  Tell us a wicked tale and make us laugh to relieve some of our sexual tension.  Or increase the sensual tension with a delightful cacophony. Either way, let’s keep sex light and fun here.

alternate universeAlternate Historical Erotica – Here we’re looking for a mix of classical periods before 1945, but sensuality that strikes a balance between the harsh reality of the time and the fantasy game What If.  We’d particularly love to see Prohibition Era stories of lust, but any alternate period suits us fine as long as it gets your mojo revved.  While creative licensing is encourage, accuracy is preferred.

As specified by our call for submissions found here, we’re open to other subgenres and will be talking about them over time, but these are just a few of the hot buttons we’d love to see. Send submissions to

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