How do You Show Us the Seductive Sizzle?

I’m drinking a glass of port as I write this, because Ardent Books gets to be dPortifferent and I taste the myriad of flavors from this liquid, amazed that a winemaker can pull so much character from a few key ingredients.  It reminds me of writers, how we craft worlds and characters and scenarios that create a mental movie in the heads of our readers.  For mainstream fiction, this is a tedious chore that authors labor over for hours at a time day in and day out.  For erotica authors, our job is a little tougher.

Remember our guidelines say not just to engage our groins and physical responses, but to also arouse our minds.  Like the winemaker and his port, you have limited ingredients.  The key one being your words.  But unlike the winemaker, who is limited to terrain, forced to go with the weather and has to compensate, else he not have a vintage that year, the writer has merely the tools of their vast imagination which can overcome all obstacles, given time.

So what arouses us?  Well, start with your libido.  Examine it, dig around in your vast imagination and tell us with your words what gets your motor revving and puts you in the mood for unadulterated passion.  On the palate alone, we have six distinct things we can eel-sushi-8267ectastes.  Salty, sweet, sour, bitter and umami.  While we like the former four, the last one is a complex; hard to define Umami is the one taste that contains layer after layer of new discovery as the food slides across your tongue.  We want stories that showcase this property because Ardent Authors are a cut above the edge.

Sex isn’t limited to just taste though, there are four other senses to engage.  While we’re creating a mental movie with our novels, we want to go the extra mile and bring our readers a unique experience that brings them into the picture so they feel everything our authors put on the paper.  Erotica is an infinite number of things to people and we want to stretch our authors to hit as much of that with just the right punch of words.

Describe the scenery in detail, but not too much. Erotica novels are defined by their plot, which is to get the characters in bed together for a climax.  Are you setting the perfect picture in your world?  Do the elements of your story evoke images that stir passion?  We want that!

Auditory senses are a part of sex.  Ever enjoy naughty talk with a lover? We do too!  While the books won’t talk to you, the words will. Your readers are going to hear dialogue that inspires dirty deeds in that mental movie, and the dialogue should match the characters and setting.  Do your characters use crass words to ask for what they want or are they imploring sweetly? We can do both if done well.  Are they begging for it?  Is your dialogue sexy and inspiring?

81oe7uwHJbL._SL1500_We’re not ignoring the physical here, it’s just the most obvious. The act of sex itself is physical but if you add a partner or a toy in your story, it deepens the actions.  Think of the impact a spanking adds to your story.  The sound of the swat, be it from a flogger or hand against naked flesh, and what that effect may have on your readers.  Perhaps you’re into bondage and the feel of silk robe binding your characters makes for an interesting predicament.  Or if you’re particularly naughty, you have conductive rope, and a TENS unit.  Go ahead, be wicked, just write it well!

We think that arming our authors with a little more knowledge helps them craft creative erotica escapades leaving us with one question.  How will you show us your seductive sizzle?

Don’t forget our SCORCHING STORIES contest!   We are accepting submissions for our SCORCHING STORIES contest until July 15th so let the juices flow on paper along with other places.  For details click here

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7 Responses to How do You Show Us the Seductive Sizzle?

  1. Brenda D says:

    What a fantastic post.

  2. An excellent reminder to engage all the senses…thanks!

  3. I don’t think I’m going to make the dead line. I’m trying! But it looks like you are accepting submissions above and beyond the Scorching Stories contest?

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