Spicing Up Fantasy Fiction

So often when we see the words erotica and fantasy together, we think of the sordid, the Male Elfkinky or dirty.  What if we did have those elements in our novels, but our focus was more on the fantastic, the creative?

What if the exploration of sexuality occurred in a land of magic and mayhem?  Mystics and myth help create fantasy erotica that not only arouses us but pulls us into a different head space by transporting us away from reality.  Maybe your fetish for elves needs to be brought to light so those elves can tell their wondrous tale.  Or are you more of a dragon keeper?

We love nothing more than seeing the world you’ve crafted come to life in all its vibrancy.  What myths are you working from, or are you creating your own mythology? Is there a quest your characters must go on?  Remember to keep the sexual tension charged and relevant to the plot.

Mirrored WorldHow will you start?  Will you use an already established world and give it your own twist?  Create your own logical universe or forgotten realm? What will that look like?  Show us in detail so our mental movies can begin from page one of your novel!  Bring us into your story quickly with great characterization and enticing dialogue.  Shake off the stilted language of traditional high fantasy and write from a modern tone if your world allows it!  Will you make up your own language and customs for courting and sexuality?  Remember, this is more than just taking an existing faery tale and adding sex to it.  This is deeper because our plots demand a solid story with well-developed characters.

CastleErotica is all about character, but that doesn’t mean leave out the details.  In our last blog post, we talked about all five taste buds along with other senses.  Remember to engage all the senses.  Your reader base will vary in how they get turned on, so you should strive to capture the myriad of ways to entice their senses.  We want to feel the cold stone walls of your castles, the fire from your heated magic, and watch a twisted tale unfold with your supernatural characters.

Elements of typical fantasy fiction are expected but we want your unique voice. The only way we’ll find the next J. R. R. Tolkien is with your indistinguishable voice.  Grow your vocabulary and stretch those literary muscles.  Fill your head with plenty of material, then let your imagination run wild!

Don’t forget to pepper your novel with unique hooks designed to capture a larger audience.wizard  The point of fantasy erotica is to arouse.  Maybe you’ve created a new form of sexual excitement based off spell work, perhaps an herb that entices based on real life aphrodisiacs.

What gets your motor running about the fantasy erotica genre?

We love all levels of fantasy erotica from light-hearted romps between two or more characters, all the way up to dark fantasy. Our call for submissions can be found here. We’re open to other subgenres and will be talking about them over time.  These are just a few of the hot buttons we’d love to see. Send submissions to editor@ardentbooks.com.


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1 Response to Spicing Up Fantasy Fiction

  1. AngeliaSparrow says:

    I write a lot of fantasy, from Urban Fantasy, with pixie street gangs and combat mages on motorcycles, to Heroic Fantasy, with gender switching thieves and the mercenaries who love them, to Cyberpunk fantasy, with mermen swimming through the net, and technomancers who use programs for spells. I even dabble in magical realism, where the story is very much an ordinary roaring 20s adventure novel, until the climax where it goes paranormal, with a visit to the Egyptian afterlife or an encounter with a shoggoth.

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