Tackling Vintage Erotica!

Vintage Erotica, or historical erotica, has a place at Ardent Books.  We’ve been fans of the

chateauerotic and by no means want to ignore any of our readers or authors.  Originally an afterthought of a subgenre of erotica, historical erotica elicits ideals of forgotten eras where sex is implied, rather than shown blatantly.  A quick search online reveals a number of sites with images that modern society would not classify as pornographic, but rather, racy.  Yet our former society model would relish in private what they condone in public.

It  sounds a little like modern society, doesn’t it?

We at Ardent Books welcome the idea of historical erotica.  The old standards can be made hotter with the proper language.  No need for purple prose when we have a huge vocabulary to describe not just the organs but the acts in great detail.

petticoatThere is an understanding that your fancy Chateau will have carnal secrets, we revel in those!  But weave them together in a plot that stirs our minds, not just our petticoats.  Take us to a time when gentlemen settled differences with guns and fists, not expensive lawyers, unless the pricey council is the subject of a deliciously scandalous affair with the chambermaid!

Don’t forget history contains more periods worth mentioning than just the Victorians. Writers talk about the Ancient Greeks but who many Greek historical erotica stories are as well known?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if one of your titles was such a book?

If we explore our roots, what will we come up with?  Do you have Viking ancestry?  Perhaps your people come from a time when Persia was a reigning power.  Ramp up the steam all around while you titillate us with torrid tales of treacherous pirates, tormented souls, and damsels in the throes of passion.

Let your characters fascinate us with their unique interpretation of carnal knowledge.  While we do check for historical accuracy, remember the potential of cross marketing and subgenre writing!  Steampunk, Diesel punk, and gas light fiction are all genres we’d wish to read.  We want to see the historical setting play a part in the stories so drop in an exciting background!  Of particular interest to this editor would be WWII erotica, 1950s, and prohibition era stories of bootlegging and mobsters.  But all stories will be strongly considered.

One of the issues of marketing historical fiction is the limited opportunities presented by vintage eroticatraditional genre marketing as historical romance and erotica only. The genre has plenty of room for marketing to a larger audience, courtesy of your unique hooks.  Don’t be afraid to break new ground in this or any endeavor.  Erotica as a genre is meant to push boundaries.  We’d like to see it tackle new territory in the varied world of the past.

We’d love to see your stories!  Ardent Books is currently accepting submissions by established and novice authors for our line.  See our call for submissions here!

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