Digging Deeper into Historical Erotica

In a recent blog post, we’d explored the idea that Ardent Books welcomes historical erotica. We had some ideas floating around at the time when we’d mentioned it would be fascinating to see some sexy time period stories.  We stand by that, but want to put out ideas we’d love to see authors play with.Whore

The standard Victorian or Regency stories are welcomed, but we’d prefer you mix it up for a really unique story.  Does the normal Duke not do it for you?  Great, but what about someone of less stature?  Perhaps an evil plot to usurp the Duke and take his power, his riches and his women may strike your fancy as well as ours.

If you’ve been following this blog or my regular posts on Facebook, you know I’m an avid Boardwalk Empire junkie.  The time period fascinates me as both a student of humanity and an author because it’s so rich still, yet in the most simplest way.  Life wasn’t as long back then and to many, was more precious.  Modern technology and medicine as thought of today, did not exist.  Hell, one could still smoke cigarettes inside the hospitals at the time!  The implications of sex were often the result of one night stands and man’s thinning moral code.Boardwalk-Empire-Images

Or were they?

Plus, there’s a seven year gap between seasons for those who kept up and what happened?  You tell us in your novels!  Don’t give us Boardwalk Empire fan fiction, that would not be publishable.

History is full of examples of clothing used as codes for sexual indicators, right down to the service performed based on the color of a woman’s shoe.  How did that come about, and when?  What is the delicious piece of historical sexual fiction and when can we get it on our desk?

petticoatWe have a fabulous motorcycle club story on our desk by author Blue Remy, but what about Western gangs?  Or the secret societies during the Revolutionary War?  Do you have a thing for Beowulf? How primitive was man’s sexual encounters in the Dark Ages?

Because this is erotica, we don’t require the Happily Ever After that romance does, or even a Happily For Now.  But we want a strong story, dramatic  plot, scorching sexual tension carried throughout the story.  We would love to reach for our toys after reading your vintage erotica novel.  While reading it, would be even better!

We’ll discuss in another post the mixing of genres, but if an idea should surface in some sort of Ghost in the Shell meets Gone with the Wind, we would love to see it!

We do require some historical accuracy but fiction lends itself to a certain amount of leeway with fact manipulation.

Remember to adhere to our guidelines of nothing shorter than 50,000 words, among our other requirements that can be found here.

Tell us, what stories of the past will you excite us with?

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