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Guest Post: His-Story Vs. Her-Story

Is our view of history one-sided? Of course. Not only do the winners write the history, but for thousands of years were written by men. For example, Victorian archeologists were so repulsed by goddess and fertility images, that they were … Continue reading

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The Winner is…Scorching Stories Contest Announcement!

Yes, there was a winner along with a number of authors who signed with us while we debated long  and  hard (see what I  did there with innuendo) about who would take home the prizes along with a publishing contract from … Continue reading

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Outstanding Erotica Stories Stand Out

We saw a lot of fantastic entries in the Ardent Books Scorching Stories contest that ended back in July and I have to hand it to the courageous authors who submitted.  It takes a certain level of bravery to craft … Continue reading

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How do You Show Us the Seductive Sizzle?

I’m drinking a glass of port as I write this, because Ardent Books gets to be different and I taste the myriad of flavors from this liquid, amazed that a winemaker can pull so much character from a few key … Continue reading

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Do You Have the Appetite?

Unlike the other editors at Assent Publishing, I get to run shop differently.  My day starts in the early afternoon over rooibos tea and breakfast while I look at manuscripts and answer email.  I’m in bed around three A.M. after … Continue reading

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Arouse Me

Hi, and welcome to Ardent Books, the erotic imprint of Assent Publishing. I’d like it very much if you arouse me.  Tell me a sexy story. Engage my mind, body and soul. Erotica has found its place in mainstream publication, … Continue reading

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